September 25th was a highly-anticipated Sunday at First Christian Church as we all gathered for a special Hymn-Sing and Worship service outside under cloudy skies. The weather would NOT dampen our spirits as we were in God’s beautiful creation out in front of our Sanctuary.  With a picnic lunch planned afterwards, we were looking forward to a good time for all! The worship program included many “good-ole” hymns, led by Melody with Lynnae on electronic keyboard.

Unfortunately, rainy weather arrived about 15 minutes after the start of our service!  We were very concerned about the electronic equipment getting wet!! And tables were spread with the picnic fare everyone had brought early that morning.  But no problem; everyone pitched in to quickly move everything inside – equipment, food, chairs, and worshippers – and we continued to praise God in song, prayer, and communion.  We were blessed to have several visitors with us including Dr. Stanley McDaniel, our former interim minister and long-time friend of FCC.

After the wonderful service we enjoyed a tasty picnic meal in the Fellowship Hall (out of the rain and ant-free!!).  And as we were just finishing the meal, the clouds rolled away and sunshine poured all round! Overall, a glorious day of Worship and Fellowship!  Take a look at the pictures to see what fun we had as we look forward to the next one!