Halloween is such a fun time for children and adults alike. Everyone enjoys dressing in costumes from contemporary fantasy characters to the more traditional, and more frightening, ‘ghostly’ ones. FCC joined in the celebration this year as we hosted our first ever Trunk or Treat event. Everyone involved said it was a big success, therefore, we plan to continue doing the event in the future. 

A big thanks to those who planned and participated in our first T or T: Becky Allison, Bridget & Steve Blankenship, Bob Bradley, Barbara Brownfield, Nancy & Conrad Duke, Mara & Nick Grisham, and Dave Parker. 

We had 125 to 150 Trick or Treaters and parents come through our front drive.  The event offered a great opportunity to reach many in our community and allowed those who attended to become better acquainted with FCC.  We are looking forward to making the 2023 event bigger and better. We invite everyone to help out! Come, see what God can do at FCC!!