Hey football fans!  Sunday, February 12 was a great day at FCC!!  As our tradition on Super Bowl Sunday we host our own version – the SOUPER BOWL OF CARING.  For almost 30 years we have held this special event following worship to raise funds for our own Meals-For-Kids program.  Always a fun time, this year was another great event and very successful in our efforts to fund the MFK

Annual Souper Bowl of Caring at FCC – Feb. 13

Yes, the Souper Bowl, not the Super Bowl. The big winner was the children of Cleveland as $350 was raised at this year’s event to support our Meals For Kids program at Mayfield Elementary.   The traditional Potato Bar fare was delicious as always. We had sweet potatoes this year along with regular baked potatoes, two types of chili, cornbread and a large Tuscan salad. Sweets included pineapple upside down