Saturday, March 25th was a day of service for many FCC members as we sponsored a community pancake breakfast in our Fellowship Hall.  We served our community – we served The Caring Place – and we served God by helping others.  And did someone say “pancakes?”  They were delicious, served hot off the grill with melting butter and golden syrup to sweeten things all ‘round.  And bacon!  Hot coffee, orange juice, milk, and water washed it all down.  And it was FREE to our community guests.  We were blessed to have about 60 people of all ages come in and enjoy the morning together.  But perhaps the most significant blessing for the occasion was the $1,000 raised via donations to The Caring Place, our local food and clothing bank here in town.  Thanks to all DOC team members that helped out!  We are already planning the next one for this fall.