In May FCC will celebrate 125 yrs. in Cleveland.  We are so blessed! As we look forward to what God has for us, here are some things I’m thankful about at FCC. 
Nick Grisham – Elder

  1. Our beautiful church family.
  2. The bell tower – we ring the bell every Sunday.
  3. Our renovated sanctuary-still looks and feels brand new.
  4. Fellowship breakfasts, fellowship lunches, fellowship dinners.
  5. Our music – Melody leading choir, Amy on piano.
  6. Worship services with Pastor Zoe where we welcome in the Holy Spirit and celebrate communion every Sunday.
  7. Supporting local ministries – The Caring Place, Emergency Shelter Dinners, Meals For Kids, Salvation Army.
  8. Our beautiful mid-modern designed church building sitting at a great location. 
  9. Lack of church debt – everything’s paid off!
  10. Visitors – all are welcome at our church. We invite you to come be part of the FCC family.