A beautiful event occurred on May 24, 2023 at our church.  After many years of assessing and planning improvements to the Bell Tower at FCC we were truly blessed to finally accomplish our goals.  Coppersmith Andrew Frazier was hired to fashion caps for the Bell Tower.  The caps were custom-made by hand and fitted specifically for our Bell Tower.  A local sign company was contracted to install the copper caps.  After removing the existing tin metal caps that were very rusted after almost 60 years, the gleaming new copper caps were installed AND they fit perfectly.  

The cross on the Bell Tower got two coats of fresh brilliant white paint and after years of anticipation the job was done!  It was a great day at FCC – all to the Glory of God and His Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Now all are invited to come by and see the glorious rebirth of a true Cleveland landmark – The Bell Tower of First Christian Church!!

See the photos for the beautiful transformation of our Bell tower.